ARIS Express

ARIS Express 2.4

Design, edit and develop different types of business models
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IDS Scheer AG
Manage business processes by creating and modifying various models. Create an organizational chart with relationships, roles, and persons, build hierarchical structures and add custom processes. Modify the system landscape as you see it and share the data online.

The simple, innovative modeling interface enables instant results. Based on the proven ARIS methodology and industry standards supported by ARIS Express, decisions can be made on the basis of reliable data.

This free version will also appeal to universities and vocational schools, as well as occasional users looking for an introduction to Business Process Modeling.

Main features:
- Intuitive user interface – modeling teams can work productively from the start
- Models for organizational structures, processes, application systems, data, and more
- Valuable reference content to complement the free, proven ARIS method
- All results can be reused in professional ARIS Business Process Management tools
- Self-study with free training materials in the ARIS Community
- ARIS Express is free of charge and can be downloaded and used without an Internet connection

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